Version Logs

Current: 0.0.1491

It's now possible to use the Hoverboard on streets and urban areas, as well as crossing roads outside of crosswalks.

Improve performances on Dialog handlers

Fix animations bug of Hit on NPCs

Registration process reviewed and fixed.

Minor bug fix, UI improvements and admin fix

Upcoming: 0.0.1???

  • [FEATURE] In-game Blockchain, Proof and Gaming, and First Mining features.
  • [MULTIPLAYER FEATURE] Quests in Multiplayer with group.
  • [FEATURE] Death Handler.
  • [FEATURE] Corporations Indoor.
  • [ONBOARDING FEATURE] New "Onboarding" Quests!
  • ...

Version History


It's now possible to use the Hoverboard on streets and urban areas, as well as crossing roads outside of crosswalks.

Improve performances on Dialog handlers

Fix animations bug of Hit on NPCs

Registration process reviewed and fixed.

Minor bug fix, UI improvements and admin fix


  • [MULTIPLAYER FEATURE] ] Once again, lots of Multiplayer features have been added!
    • Members of the same group now share their housing location, meaning players can invite group members to their apartments!
    • Players can now ping a tile or an asset and the ping will be visible to all team members, useful for sharing information between team members! To send a PING, use ALT + Click on the element to ping.
    • Players can now see the location of their team members by hovering them in the Group panel. Click the username to copy the location to join your team anywhere!
    • Bug fix - Team members are no longer hit if there are not in the instance.
    • Bug fix - Spritesheets and members animations and AP are now correctly displayed and updated.
  • [FEATURE] Dropping items will now trigger the appearance of a Ground storage, looking like a bag. Any player in the world can access this common storage! Currently available in the indoor view.
  • [FEATURE] Footstep sounds are now adjusted depending on the number of NPCs moving, avoiding annoying footstep sounds.
  • [FEATURE] NPC now looks in the player's direction when talking to them.
  • [FEATURE] When holding CTRL in world view, buildings are disabled and transparency is applied to see behind. This feature replaces the previous cursor mask and is far more convenient for the World gameplay.
  • [FEATURE] The player now recovers some energy and mind while taking public transport like the metro, bus, etc. The recovery rate is the same as to rest.
  • [GAME BALANCING] ENERGY DRINK: Energy +100 -> +200, Thirst +5 -> +10. WATER BOTTLE: Energy +5 -> +20, Thirst +20 -> +35
  • [BUG FIX] Local chat now works correctly in tactical mode, allowing team members to talk with each other.
  • [BUG FIX] No more error if spotted during NPCs turn.
  • [BUG FIX] Banner of the turn now displays correctly
  • [BUG FIX] CTRL+Click now works properly if not all building floors are displayed in the world view.
  • [MISC] Environment spritesheets have been reworked and split by categories, allowing a faster page load and better performance. This is useful to add lots of new Environment props to the game./li>
  • [MISC] Chunk system optimization, overall performance optimization, code organization rework.


  • [MULTIPLAYER FEATURE] ] Lots of Multiplayer features have been added!
    • Notification to join a group. Players can make a multiplayer group of up to 4 players playing together!
    • Players can now play all Tactical modes together! When a player enters in tactical phase, other players are alerted and can join the instance potentially matching conditions (same room/sector, level, etc).
    • Multiplayers are now trackable in real-time on the Minimap, moving, entering, and exiting buildings, sectors, etc.
    • Multiplayers are now correctly shown/hidden when changing floors
    • The Multiplayer group window is now automatically opened if the player is in a group.
  • [TACTICAL FEATURE] You can now rotate your character in tactical modes without any Action Points cost.
  • [TACTICAL FEATURE] Current entity's turn and Tactical observations are now displayed as sliding banners.
  • [MERCENARY FEATURE] Mercenary mission type is now displayed on the PHD (COLLECT/ANALYZE, INVESTIGATE, TAKE DOWN, etc).
  • [MINIMAP FEATURE] You can now set a default size of the minimap in your Game setting.
  • [UI FEATURE] All cursors, icons and status bars have been reworked to have a better UI / UX design and improve the overall gameplay experience.
  • [FEATURE] Building titles in World view now display the Building name X-Y, helping with the overall navigation and searches.
  • [BUG FIX] Negative damages no longer give life if armor is higher than damage.
  • [MISC] Admin tools, Dialog Creator, and NPC Creator for admins under testing, then will be available for players/creators. Code optimizations.


  • [MERCENARY FEATURE] ] Players can now achieve "TAKE DOWN" Mercenary Missions!
    • Go to the specified location in order to take down the individual.
    • Will the criminal accept to surrender or fight? It will depend on you to persuade the NPC with your Charisma/business skills!
    • Once taken down, the arrested one will visually follow you until the end of the mission!
  • [MERCENARY FEATURE] It is now possible to refresh the Mercenary Mission during the onboarding phase. Click the REFRESH button at the bottom of the Mercenary tab of your PHD to get new missions!
  • [CITY MAP FEATURE] ] Player can now see if the current sector contains any special building from the Location panel (Bottom right menu).
  • [FEATURE] In Indoor and World view, the game area is now displayed around a background to increase immersion. Camera bounds are correctly set according to the gaming area. Later, more background will be created depending on the environment.
  • [BUG FIX] Travel line for intra-city is now correctly displayed.
  • [BUG FIX] Fixed some text overflow issues.
  • [MISC] Admin tools, documentation, and minor fixes.


  • [MERCENARY FEATURE] ] Players can now achieve "INVESTIGATE" Mercenary Missions!
    • Interrogate citizens in the City to collect info and make your report to the MO Oliver!
    • Go to a specific building and inspect the place to find any proof!
  • [CITY MAP FEATURE] ] Player can now explore the city thanks to the City Map, an interactive map that displays all the special buildings, helping the player to retrieve any specific location!
    • Click on the new icon on the bottom right menu to open the City Map,
    • Click on any filter to display where are located any buildings,
    • Click on the sector to travel!
  • [FEATURE] Improve the gameplay fluidity by adding a latency handler on the player moves.
  • [FEATURE] When traveling through the city, the City Map is displayed instead of the World map.
  • [FEATURE] Players can now receive temporary Game Logs. Those game logs are not stored in the database and are removed on refresh.
  • [GAME BALANCING] Base Energy and mind cost from driving have been adjusted (Energy 2/km -> 10/km, Mind 0.2/km -> 1/km).
  • [BUG FIX] There are no more time errors depending on Computer clock sync.
  • [BUG FIX] It's now possible to write using the Num pad in the World view.
  • [BUG FIX] Opening the location panel is now bound to the "Y" short key.
  • [MISC] News and Blogger System Game Design.


  • [MAILBOX FEATURE] Players can now use their MailBox in the PHD to send and receive emails! It is possible to attach items and Neutra to an email
    • On the left side, you can click on any of your friends to send an email
    • In the bottom section, you can drag and drop items from your inventory and eventually add some Neutra.
    • Base Postage fees are 100 Neutras. an additional fee of 100 Neutras is applied for each item attached.
    • From your InBox, you can read your emails, collect attached elements and immediately reply to the sender.
  • [MERCENARY FEATURE] Players can now achieve "DELIVERY" Mercenary Missions! During a DELIVERY mercenary mission, the player will basically have to get a package from the MO Oliver or any NPC and deliver it to another NPC at any destination. The Pseudo-random features of ULTERA online make those missions fully unique at each try! Remember to check the detailed info by Hovering the task of the mission.
  • [FEATURE] Players can now scan NPCs. To do so, click the SCAN tab during a dialog and click the SCAN button. A basic SCAN is performed that costs 5 energy and 10 min. If a Hacking roll succeeds, players will see detailed stats of the NPC. Currently, the Hacking roll success is determined by HackLevel % X 4 (100% chances when Hacking is at 25%). Not really useful for now, this feature will be progressively enhanced.
  • [FEATURE] Sleeping, Resting, and Meditating now allows the player to recover some Health Points! Sleep: 1/5min, Rest: 1/10min, Meditate: 1/10min.
  • [FEATURE] In case of a Collecting task, the preview of the item to be collected is displayed to help the player to recognize it easily.
  • [FEATURE] An Unread" notification is now displayed in case of New Game Logs or Chat messages added to the Coms frame. Clicking the concerned tab removes the unread notification.
  • [BUG FIX] NPC loading issues on outdoor have been fixed.
  • [BUG FIX] Using the short key "U" now triggers the Setting Modal opening properly.
  • [MISC] Testing and fixing some "Leave dialog" consequences during onboarding.


  • [FEATURE] Players can now trade with any NPC possessing a dedicated dialog. Just click on the Trade tab at the top of the Dialog to display the Trade section. The NPCs will possess a pseudo-random amount of Neutra, some Junks items, and Cards. They also will have a chance to display additional valuable items.
    • The trade value will be influenced by the Player's Business Skill, Charisma attribute, and Reputation.
    • Completing a trade will cost 5 energy and 10 mind points.
    • The player can try to negotiate with the NPC. In case of failure of the negotiation, the mind cost will be multiplied by 2. The success of the negotiation will depend on the Player's Business Skill, Charisma attribute and Reputation


  • [FEATURE] Players can now Equip / Unequip on double click (with Character Sheet and Inventory opened), as well as use consumable items on double click (with inventory opened).
  • [FEATURE] In tactical battle, dead bodies now display a pool of blood after their death.
  • [FEATURE] NPCs in rooms now have custom looking at and random behavior, like moving. increasing the overall game immersion.
  • [FEATURE] Some forbidden actions, like exiting a building or dropping an item, can be applied during quests to ensure quest completion/consistency.
  • [BUG FIX] VFX now correctly works on 128 resolution.
  • [BUG FIX] Quest building's yellow tints are now correctly displayed.
  • [BUG FIX] Fix minor bugs on Quest tracking and onboarding.
  • [BUG FIX] It is no longer possible to enter a vehicle while running to reach walking areas with vehicles.
  • [BUG FIX] It is no longer possible to perform actions during NPCs' turns in tactical.
  • [BUG FIX] Single quote used in Tactical objectives no longer triggers javascript errors.
  • [BUG FIX] When replacing an equipped item, the replaced item correctly shows up back in the inventory.
  • [MISC] Condition Effects Game design, Trade with NPCs game design.


  • [FEATURE] Adding reputation System. Some of your actions will now give you (or remove) a reputation in major categories. You can check your reputations in the REPUTATION tab from your character Sheet. The system is ready, we'll continue to integrate reputation influences depending on the player's gameplay. Here are some examples:
    • Dropping items in a Recycle bin will give you some reputation in Ecology, Dropping them in the ground will make you lose reputation in ecology
    • Succeeding to hack an element will give you some reputation to At'Hack (The Hacker's Guild). Being caught while hacking will make you lose your reputation in the current city, maybe even in the continent!
    • Completing Mercenary Mission will give you some reputation to the Mercenary Order, in the City, even in the continent, and the whole world!
  • [FEATURE] When the player attempts to hack an element, the skills "Discretion" and "Hacking", compared to the Lock level of the element, now determine if the player gets caught! If the player gets caught hacking, it will lose some reputation depending on the Lock level of the element and will make a Charisma roll. Later and in case of Charisma roll failure, it will be reported to the Mercenary Order with consequences.
  • [FEATURE] Adding Karma System. Depending on its actions, the player will earn/lose Karma. Without knowing it, the Player's Karma might influence positive/negative events in-game!


  • [FEATURE] When inspecting an element, it usually returns the element's info, written in the player's GameLog.
  • [FEATURE] On hover, conditions' details now contain the CURRENT / MAX value in addition to the %.
  • [FEATURE] Initiative in tactical battle now depends on attributes Agility and Perception (previously only Agility).
  • [FEATURE] All cards are correctly set up and can be foundable in the game.
  • [FEATURE] Cards can be bought in vending machines for a price in Neurta depending on their rarity.
  • [MULTIPLAYER FEATURE] Account ID is displayed in the Friends tab and can be copied to the clipboard on click.
  • [BUG FIX] Furniture amount from the Gazimo's lab first floor has been lowered to make it easier to find the hatch.
  • [MISC] Rework Input management, removal of some unnecessary data.